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  I like Lannie as friends not as couple

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 I like Lannie as friends not as couple Empty
PostSubject: I like Lannie as friends not as couple    I like Lannie as friends not as couple Icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 7:27 pm

I like gossip girls, one of my favorite shows. The complicated relationship is really attract me, cause I’m a gossip girl in real life, so it is interesting for me ,lately ,my friend recommend me to watch 90210,first ,I don’t think it is a good show, but now ,I think it is good as gossip girl.
Now, I want to say some of my opinion about this show. It was not easy to choose which my favorite couple is and to choose which is better for each of them. I think Navid and Adrianna is the perfect couple. I saw the scene of their kiss in the last episode of season 2 and it was great!
Ok, I wrote down the couples

Navade So cute:).I don't know why but these days i have love this couple so much:).
Sixon Love them! My fave couple of season 1!
Liomi I really like this couple Smile.They're great and Liam is better with Naomi
Sethan They are not really couple but i really like them too! Sethan kiss was amazing:)
Annie and Ethan: Ok, I don't like the so much but they are good couple but not my favorite
Tilver: Everybody say that Tilver is great couple but I think that is boring and i don't like Teddy! But I like Tilver moment at winner wonderland ONLY:)
Dixy: Well, they look cute! I want to see more and Dixy will be great couple
Lannie: I don't like as couple,I don't know why! I think they’re annoying (in my opinion).I think that Liam is so much better with NAOMI NOT ANNIE! I like Lannie as friends not as couple Smile

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I like Lannie as friends not as couple
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