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 Hope It Lasts!

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PostSubject: Hope It Lasts!   Hope It Lasts! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 14, 2010 2:23 am

Let's face it, the sitcom genre seems to be on life support. But there is good news, it appears that fans and viewers prefer the non-audience taped programs. That's fine but how do you know if the show is funny without the audience. Well, shows like Community tv show with a first rate cast featuring Joel McHale from E! and the legendary Chevy Chase as well as Danny Pudi and others help make this show worth watching. I love the actress who plays Shirley, a divorced mother of two at Greenvale Community dvd College. If this show inspires those out there to check out their Community dvd boxset or county college or adult school program, it's worth having on the air. This show isn't to inspire people but to make jokes about a bunch of adult students in college trying to grow up and get an education.
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Hope It Lasts!
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