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 A couple of our favorite despairing Blair retorts

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PostSubject: A couple of our favorite despairing Blair retorts   Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:22 am

A couple of our favorite despairing Blair retorts Gossip Girl Season 4 dvd :
-- After Dan tries to explain his convoluted relationship with his stepsister to the Ostroff Center receptionist: "Humphrey, they treat people in here for less serious complexes than that -- do you want to get committed?"

-- After Dan suggests they enlist 'Gossip Girl dvd to track Juliet down (genius plan, might I add?): "She's not a Ouija board, Humphrey."

We were also glad to see the dreamy drug-dealer Damien back again, since it's always fun to stare longingly at Kevin Zegers -- he played an integral role in figuring out Serena's shady past, and allowed us to admire him back when he was a nerdy, innocent tutor who did Serena's homework in exchange for being allowed to bask in her presence, n'aww.

Just as well, since Nate's still stuck in his snoozeworthy subplot with his bickering parents, boo. But once the Captain gets released from jail, he'll be crashing at the Empire with Nate, which could prove ... vaguely interesting, we guess.

Alas, just as the house of cards collapses on top of Lily and we seemingly bid adieu to Juliet for good, Gossip Girl dvd boxset disappears until January 24 for its winter hiatus. But with a set up like that, we can't wait to find out what the punchline will be -- will Lily have the last laugh, or will those Inglourious Basstards wind up on top? We'll find out in 2011.
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A couple of our favorite despairing Blair retorts
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