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 Walking Dead’ proves worth

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Walking Dead’ proves worth Empty
PostSubject: Walking Dead’ proves worth   Walking Dead’ proves worth Icon_minitimeTue Dec 14, 2010 2:21 am

The Walking Dead tv show is action-packed, and it is hard not to get hooked after the second episode. The second episode, simply entitled “Guts,” was one of the greatest single episodes of any television series of all time. The episode ended with an amazing hook, which forced the audience to tune in for the for next episode.
The Walking Dead dvd also mixed the element of horror, with outstanding character drama, and a little bit of science fiction in the final two episodes. It truly has effects that will grab any viewer’s attention, and there is no other television show that it can be compared to.
The Walking Dead dvd collection has a quality that no other show has, because it almost has a feel of a film that can be viewed in a theatre. The production quality is fantastic, and will only be made better by its release on blu-ray. Although the genre owes a great deal to him, even George Romero may not have the ability to create a zombie series as good as “The Walking Dead on dvd .” There has never been anything zombie-related that has seemed so realistic.
Overall, “The Walking Dead dvd boxset” had one of the best first seasons I have ever seen on television. As someone who generally does not watch dramatic television, this made me completely rethink what shows I need to be watching. A second season of 13 episodes has already been ordered, and I personally cannot wait to see what is going to happen on the best show currently on television.
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Walking Dead’ proves worth
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