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  dark and beautiful, Veronica mars is a witty and smart show for all ages,

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PostSubject: dark and beautiful, Veronica mars is a witty and smart show for all ages,   Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:20 am

Veronica Mars is a dark and poignant tribute to teenage angst and isolation. As a sophomore, we find Veronica popular and happy. She is dating the most popular guy in school, Duncan, and is best friends with Duncan's sister- the wild Lily Kane. After Lily's brutal and highly publicized murder, Veronica loses her friends, her social status all because she choose to stick by her father who accused Lily Kane's own father, the rich and beloved Jake Kane.

Season 1 follows Veronica's life post Lily's violent murder. Veronica has become cynical and disheartened due to what she feels as betrayal by her closest friends. Overnight Veronica became the most hated girl in school. She formed a hard outer shell, cutting herself off from her emotions in order to handle all the events that occur after the murder, the taunts of classmates, and the current class war that's been waged through out her town.

Veronica Mars dvdis homage to the noir film genre of the 1950s with our main character being a high school teenager. The uses of color in scenes are key to understanding the story. Every aspect of the show is used to tell parts of the story from lighting to background prop placement and it all comes together to tell a beautiful story about death, betrayal, love, revenge and redemption.

The best thing about Mars, besides the character develop, plot twist, and witty dialogue, are the issues that Veronica Mars faces on a daily bases. Including murder, rape, teen pregnancy, gang violence, reports on abuse, and drug trafficking. It also tackles the normal high school issues all teens face like peer pressure, cliques, and gossip but in a smart way. The story lines are tasteful and believable; the writers did a great job avoiding the normal camp and clich├ęs found in a lot of teen shows.

Veronica Mars dvd is hands down the best show ever to be featured on UPN/CW, and possible network TV in general. It is defiantly worth your time.
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PostSubject: Re: dark and beautiful, Veronica mars is a witty and smart show for all ages,   Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:26 pm

I think I should have a try abuot it
I never watch that kind of thing
but it sounds really interesting
thanks for sharing the information with us
best wishes

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dark and beautiful, Veronica mars is a witty and smart show for all ages,
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