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 Desperate Housewives has been one of my favorite shows

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PostSubject: Desperate Housewives has been one of my favorite shows   Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:37 am

Desperate Housewives DVD has been one of my favorite shows to ever hit television since it debuted in 2005. Season 5 was probably the weakest in my opinion although it did feature some extraordinary episodes luckily Season 6 is an improvement. There is good and bad in this season. The new family is pretty interesting however I feel a lot of the storylines were recycled much like season 5 and the show ultimately suffers without Nicolette Sheridans character Edie. The actresses are likely the best of tv especially Marcia Cross, Felicity Hoffman, and Eva Longoria they all truly shine but without the fire and ice of Nicolette Sheridan there is no confrontation and crack up moments between the ladies and its a shame since Sheridans character brought a much needed and appreciated brutal honesty to the series. Still a good season not great though but better than Desperate Housewives DVD season 5 and hopefullyDesperate Housewives DVD season 7 will bring us back to the housewives we love and get them back on top so we don't have to bury this series too soon.

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Desperate Housewives has been one of my favorite shows
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