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 Legally Blonde

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PostSubject: Legally Blonde   Legally Blonde Icon_minitimeWed Nov 17, 2010 11:42 pm

Don't judge a book by it's cover. An old saying we've all heard so many times it doesn't seem to mean anything anymore. But i should say no. Legally Blonde is about a girl who is beautiful outside became a totally talent lady at last! Lutz based the film's sorority culture on her own experiences at James Madison University. Just so like this girl, her boyfriend dumped her. "I'm not too good, too big chest no brains" and well, I will give you a thing or two. Harvard i said i could enter and then entered; law is hard while i could even subvert the famous theory of Aristotle! Pink is my patent. You don't love me just because you are a jackass! And then you said you still love me! no way. I don't intento to want you now! How can a good beautiful girl has a stupid boyfriend! I think each girl would be so proud to watch here. Girls should know how to live their lives. Don't let the bastards who do not deserve your love disturb your direction! Never lose your way. You should live confidently and comfortably! Boys should love us by heart not brain. The film is a very watchable film from start to finish. Even the dog never puts a paw wrong. It is another empowerment flick disguised as a fluffy comedy. Recommended!!

Legally Blonde Seasons 1-3 DVD

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Legally Blonde
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