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 The Mentalist dvd online

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PostSubject: The Mentalist dvd online   The Mentalist dvd online Icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 1:31 am

The Mentalist Seasons 1-2 DVD series was created by Bruno Heller who is also the executive producer. It follows the story of Patrick

Jane, who, as a paid consultant, aids the California Bureau of Investigation in homicide investigations with unorthodox

methods, with the hope of one day bringing the murderer of his wife and daughter to justice. Patrick Jane is a fantastic

character, Heroes Seasons 1-4 DVD he's sexy, funny, smooth but at the same time is tormented by a dark secret of his own doing. The Mentalist

brings us back to the good old 'detective's hunch' style of crime-busting. It is a breathe of fresh air in a genre

saturated with technical jargon and outlandish plot. Jane, for all his relaxed persona, 24 Hours Seasons 1-6 DVD is a man who cannot come to terms

with his tragic past and is an insomniac with anti-social tendencies and a cynical view of the world around him. The show

does distinguish itself from Psych with its new and unrelated material. It has a good blend of being neither too dark like

Criminal Minds or too lightweight like Psych, Cranford Seasons 1-2 DVD shows which I also watch. It is a wonderful illustration of how paying

attention to events, as well as to people,Fringe Seasons 1-2 DVD can be an extremely powerful tool, and how most people are actually totally

absent-minded compared to what they could be. Hope this series have a lot of seasons more!
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The Mentalist dvd online
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