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  Claire because she is "good"

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 Claire because she is "good" Empty
PostSubject: Claire because she is "good"    Claire because she is "good" Icon_minitimeMon Jan 10, 2011 1:09 am

Claire is not dead. Locke is dead and now taken over by Jacob's nemesis. Claire was forced to give up Aaron, as Jacob's enemy needs him for something. She tells Kate (through her dream), "dont you dare bring him back." This was so Aaron can be protected off-island from Jacob's nemesis.
* Claire is not dead. Jacob's nemesis posed as Christian to draw her into the cabin. As Jacob was located at the base of the statue, the cabin is most likely not Jacob's cabin at all, but rather the "prison" for Jacob's nemesis. Jacob's nemesis has her leave Aaron by the base of the tree knowing that whoever escapes the island (the Oceanic Six) would assume responsibility for Aaron and take him off the island. Jacob's nemesis appears as Claire off-island in a visit to Kate and urges her to keep Aaron away from the island simply because, as the show has repeatedly made clear, Aaron is special - Aaron alone has the power to bring upon the downfall of Jacob's nemesis, hence the complex chain of events coordinated by Jacob's nemesis to lead him off-island. Contrary to the theory above, this isn't about protecting Aaron from Jacob's nemesis, it's the opposite - this is about Jacob's nemesis protecting himself from Aaron. This might be incorrect, but the only times that "bodies" have appeared off-island (Christian visiting Michael on the freighter right before it explodes, Christian's visit to Jack after the smoke alarm goes off in the hospital, Ana Lucia pulling Hurley over, etc.) occur AFTER Claire is led to the cabin and breaks the circle of ash, thus freeing Jacob's nemesis to travel off the island in the form of visions/apparitions. The show will boil down to a conflict between Jacob and his nemesis, and since Aaron was to be raised by Claire because she is "good", Aaron will be the most important player on Jacob's "good" side.

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Claire because she is "good"
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